Feeding The Hungry In 2022

Feeding the Hungry in 2022 with Meals of Hope

Looking back, the year 2022 was full of both struggles and triumphs. According to a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, food insecurity trended upward in the midst of high inflation. As a result, more than one in five adults in the U.S. reported household food insecurity, an increase of more than 6% from the year before. What’s more, 2022 also saw some of the most destructive storms on record, especially hurricanes in Florida, which caused people to be displaced and be at their most vulnerable.

Fortunately, Meals of Hope was able to step up and hold meal-packing events across the U.S. to serve those most in need. In fall 2022, Meals of Hope was among those first on the ground to help after Hurricane Ian ravaged the Florida coastline. In all, hundreds of thousands of meals were packed and distributed to displaced families through the efforts of Meals of Hope. Earlier that year, Meals of Hope partnered with Los Alamos Rotary Club to help people suffering from food insecurity, delivering more than 35,000 meals in northern New Mexico. In Pennsylvania, more than 100 volunteers helped pack another 25,00 meals in just two hours to be distributed locally, as well as communities in Haiti. And on 9/11 National Day of Service, Meals of Hope held packing events in three major cities, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago, which, in all, packed nearly 1 million meals.

“This is a business that’s all about building relationships,” Stephen Popper, President and CEO of Meals of Hope, said. “Our franchise owners are going to be spending their time networking in their communities and forming relationships that are based on a shared commitment to give back. We’ve discovered that there’s no shortage of organizations, charities, businesses, houses of worship, and colleges and universities who want to host an event. When they hear the impact that one event can have, it becomes a commonsense decision to host it. The more events our franchise owners can organize, the more successful they become in business – and more importantly, the more people they’re able to help.”

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Invest in a Meals of Hope Franchise in 2023

With the hunger crisis one of the greatest challenges of our time, Meals of Hope will be more important than ever in 2023 and beyond. Meals of Hope is committed to fighting the hunger crisis by hosting meal packing events across the U.S., and is looking to expand its reach across the country to help as many communities as possible. Now, Meals of Hope is looking for the next wave of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their community, while at the same time, achieving their financial and career goals.

Indeed, Meals of Hope is an incredible investment opportunity for aspiring business owners who want to find meaning in their careers. Franchise owners get paid a percentage for every meal packed at their events, and with events packing anywhere up to 1 million meals, the earning potential is huge. What’s more, our services will only continue to be in demand as communities struggle with food insecurity.

“Now is the time to invest in a Meals of Hope franchise,” says Jack Day, Director of Franchise Development. “We only have 64 territories available, which means, once they’re gone, they’re gone. This is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage their leadership skills, their relationship building skills, and desire to help make the place where they live more food secure. This is a vitally important issue, and we’ve proven that this business model can have an enormous impact. We’re excited to partner with entrepreneurs who share our commitment to fighting the hunger crisis.”

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Be a difference maker in your community by starting a Meals of Hope franchise to serve the people most in need. To learn more, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today!

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