How to Transform Your Passion into Action and Own a Franchise

Help Feed Families with Your Own Business

Do you have a heart for change and a drive to feed hope into your community? Joining Meals of Hope as a purpose-driven, profit-minded, franchise owner could be your chance to truly make a difference. At Meals of Hope, we believe in the power of community to tackle hunger head-on. Through organizing meal-packing events in partnership with local businesses, faith-based organizations, charities, universities, and beyond, we are making significant strides to help families facing food insecurity.

Imagine being at the forefront of this movement, where your drive meets purpose, empowering you to lead community-driven efforts against hunger while being your own boss. Step into a role that challenges you and molds you into a beacon of hope and perseverance in your community. 

Start by exploring our comprehensive franchise report, available for download after you complete our inquiry form.

New England Meal Packing Event

Real Results That We’re Proud Of

We are incredibly proud of the tangible impact that Meals of Hope has on the lives of those in need. Take, for example, the amazing support from Globe Life Liberty National Division. Through their Make Tomorrow Better competition, they raised  $91,166 providing 290,000 meals through mobile food pantries and afterschool programs. 

For 16 years, we’ve been on a mission to spread hope and fight hunger, and it’s clear that our efforts are paying off. Thanks to our approach, which mirrors successful business strategies for social good, we’re not just running a franchise but building a movement. A movement that sees businesses as partners in change, bringing more than just profits to the table.

You Can Be Part of the Solution

Becoming a Meals of Hope franchise owner is a journey that starts with a single step. Start by exploring our comprehensive franchise report, available for download after you complete our inquiry form. This report covers everything – the investment needed, the uniqueness of our approach, and heartfelt testimonials from our franchisees. It’s everything you need to know about joining our cause.

With an initial conversation to see if we match your ambitions, followed by a Discovery Day in Naples, Florida, you’ll see firsthand our amazing work.  Upon approval from our Review Committee, you’ll sign a franchise agreement and begin your journey of giving back to your community. 

Celebrating 100 million meals packed at a local packing event

Join the Movement of Change

Ready to be more than just a business owner? If your heart is set on building a business that brings positive change, look no further. Visit our website, dive into our franchise opportunities, and when you’re ready, reach out through our inquiry form to begin. Our team is excited to guide you towards business success and community transformation.

With Meals of Hope, you’re not opening a typical franchise; you’re igniting a movement that empowers communities and brings hope to families in need. Take the step today for a business journey that’s both profitable and profoundly rewarding.

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