2023 Will Be The Year To Give Back

2022 Was a Year of Giving

We’ve been through some tough times as a country the past few years – pandemics, natural disasters, devastatingly high inflation. Despite the struggles we’ve experienced as a society, there’s one amazing silver lining: record numbers of people worldwide are voluntarily giving their time to people in need. And 2022 was a year for the record books in giving back.

According to Team Stage, more than 1 billion people volunteered worldwide in 2022. What’s more, an astonishing one in four Americans volunteered in the past year, with almost 75% of Americans thinking that volunteer efforts will be more important than ever after the pandemic.

“People who get involved in volunteer organizations do so out of the desire to help people or animals, support a cause, or make the world a better place in some way,” Team Stage reported. “Volunteering statistics show that their efforts are incredibly beneficial to the causes they support, contributing nearly $200 billion and an average of 52 hours per person per year to their communities. The upshot of coronavirus is that virtual volunteering opportunities have increased, and more people have been inspired to get involved with their communities post-pandemic.”

Hunger and Homelessness Remains Top Cause

Diving even deeper into the numbers: Hunger issues remain a top cause for volunteering. Team Stage found 15% of people support hunger and homeless-related causes. Whether it’s because people can’t afford food or don’t have access, hunger is a society-wide problem that affects millions of Americans. In fact, more than one in five (about 22%) of Americans reported household food insecurity in 2022, a result of high inflation and few support systems in place.

“Families’ ability to consistently afford a nutritionally adequate diet eroded considerably between 2021 and 2022,” the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported. “Researchers recommend policymakers closely monitor challenges that families may be facing and access tools that may be available to help buffer food hardship in an era of record inflation and expiring safety net supports.”

How long people must wait for government solutions is anyone’s guess. That’s why millions of Americans turned to volunteerism with organizations that have a mission to solve the hunger crisis. When it comes to bringing relief to those suffering from food insecurity, no organization is doing a more effective job than Meals of Hope.

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Meals of Hope is Poised to Grow in 2023

Meals of Hope had a record year in 2022, and is only expected to surpass expectations in the year ahead. For starters, Meals of Hope began as a nonprofit in 2007, but it quickly became clear that more people in need would be reached by transforming the nonprofit into a franchise system. This way, more entrepreneurs are able to replicate the Meals of Hope franchise system and have a bigger impact on communities across the U.S.

So how’s it work? Franchise owners are tasked with building relationships within their community to find sponsors for meal-packing events. Think organizations like churches, universities, local businesses, etc. Then, sponsors book a venue and organize volunteers. From there, Meals of Hope takes charge, supplying the ingredients and making sure the event runs smoothly. At the end, a local food bank picks up the meals for distribution. This simple but effective process has allowed for more than 80 million meals to be packed and delivered to those suffering from food insecurity.

“There’s no shortage of organizations that want to help,” says Steve Popper, President and CEO. “Many businesses today have developed a corporate social responsibility strategy, and they are always looking for ways to give back. Houses of worship and faith-based charities are always looking for ways to live their values. We’ve worked with every type of organization, and the results are always phenomenal. Everyone who participates leaves feeling great. From our franchise owners, to their sponsors, to the volunteers who show up, it’s a win-win-win for all involved.”

Territories Available in Your Area

The demand for Meals of Hope’s services has never been higher, making it an incredible time to invest in a franchise that’s sure to have a positive impact on your community. For so many entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dreams of small business ownership, while also feeling good about what they do, Meals of Hope has emerged as a best bet investment. Our territories are highly protected, consisting of about four million people and cover a large geographic area. This allows franchise owners to build the relationships necessary.

“Our franchise opportunity seems to resonate with people from Gen Z’s to Retirees,” says Jack Day, Director of Franchise Development. “We are overwhelmed by the interest generated by our social media advertising. This is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage their leadership skills, their relationship building skills, and desire to help make the place where they live more food secure. Food pantries across the country have seen more than a doubling in demand since the COVID epidemic, the expiration of COVID-era benefits, and most recently the skyrocketing inflation rate. The need has never been greater.”

Give Back in 2023 with a Meals of Hope Franchise

The hunger crisis isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, so don’t delay in starting a Meals of Hope franchise in your community to help ease the suffering of those experiencing food insecurity. To learn more, visit our research pages here or make a request for more information today!

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