A For-Profit Opportunity That Stems From A Nationally Recognized Non-Profit Organization

Meals of Hope has found a way to help fulfill its mission of ending food insecurity by offering a great career opportunity!

Stephen Popper and his long-devoted team of professionals have helped provide more than 70 million nutritious, fortified, and tasty meals to people in need, since 2007. Now, by developing a distinct franchise business model, millions more people will be fed via a wave of franchise owners popping up all over the country.

Meals of Hope is a meal packaging concept that brings members of a community together to package meals at scheduled events and put them in the hands of food banks and other services who give them to people who need it. Franchise owners will work from their home offices to recruit members, groups, and organizations in their communities to sponsor meal packaging events.

At this time, Meals of Hope seeks financially qualified, driven business builders with a passion for helping others to join the Meals of Hope family. If you see the potential in this rewarding, for-profit opportunity that you can run from your home and build in your community, they want to hear from you.

For more information about this rewarding opportunity to open a food distribution business, please call (239) 537-7775 or email franchise@mealsofhope.org.

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